Shopping in Jiuzhaigou

Local Specialties and Souvenirs

Hiding in the virgin forests, Jiuzhaigou is abundant in the natural medicine materials, fruits and rare animal species. Moreover, the local handiworks like the Qiang embroidery, Tibetan sword and Buddha pearls are the best choices to be kept as souvenirs.

Maowen Apple
Maowen apple shares the equal reputation with the Red Delicious Apple from American. Maowen apple is a rare fruit yielded in West Sichuan, of which the value is that high in nutrition and diet therapy. The geographic and climatic advantages of where the Maowen apple is grown grant the apple high quality.
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Qiang Embroidery
Like the Shu embroidery, Qiang embroidery is an art that made all by hand, so they are really exquisite and rare. All the Qiang women are excel at embroidery hence the Qiang embroidery embodies the customs and culture of the Qiang minority. There are more than 100 designs of Qiang embroidery, thus people always wear them as decorations of the costumes, such as ribbons, sleeves, pants, shoes, shoe-pads, pillowcase ana handkerchief.

Chinese Medicine Materials
The virgin forests in Jiuzhaigou are the home to many rare animal and plant species, such as the musk deer, fritillaria and cordyceps, which are all the precious Chinese medicine materials
The secretion of the musk deer can be applied as spicy or an ingredient of Chinese medicine that of analgesia and detumescence functions. While the fritillaria is a kind of plant whose stems can be used to relieve cough and reduce sputum.

Other rare Chinese medicines also can be found in this fairyland, such as the Ganoderma, Tibetan Toadstool, Sea buckthorn and Chinese Angelica etc. Besides, many local art wares are commonly seen in the stores along the street, like the Tangka Drawing, Tibetan Sword, Embroidery, Carvings, Jewelry and Tibetan Painting etc.

Daily Articles Shopping

Due to located in the remote area, there is few shopping places for the tourists to purchase the local specialties. Bianbian Street, which is 1 km away from the Jiuzhaigou scenic spot, may be the busiest shopping street. Despite that, you can buy all the specialties mentioned above in the stores and groceries in Jiuzhaigou County.

1. You can bargain with the vendors.

2. As exquisite the Tibetan sword is, it is forbidden to consign in the airport.

3. Be aware of the counterfeits (such as the fake Buddha Pearls and the jade articles). 

4. Never buy anything at the beginning of your trip for the goods you bought may become the load.

5. Take food with you as much as possible, for it is not so easy to find something edible and cheap there. 


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