Lijiang Travel Tips

Climate and Weather

Lijiang enjoys a subtropical highland climate, with an annual average temperature from 12.6℃ to 19.8℃. It has mild and dry winter, cool and rainy summer. Meanwhile, the difference in temperature between day and night is large. The rainy season lasts from every May to October, extremely July and August. Additionally, the characteristics of vertical climate in some highlands can be experienced. For instance, Jade Dragon Mountain has five climate zones, ranging from warm temperate to alpine.

You can visit Lijiang in different seasons to experience colorful Lijiang. It is better to go to the Meili Snow Mountain in the winter. In May, it is the best time to appreciate rhododendrons in the Spruce Meadow. The grassland around the Lugu Lake will be beautiful during the June and July. In the spring and summer, you can not only travel to Lashihai Lake, but also can go to experience Tea-horse Ancient Road. If you are a bird-watching fan, don’t forget to visit Lijiang in the autumn.

Local Festivals and Folk Custom

San Duo Festival
Date: Feb 8th of the Chinese lunar calendar
Intro: Regarded as the patron saint of the Naxi people, San Duo is also considered as the incarnation of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. At present, the San Duo Festival is the most important annual event for the Naxi Group. On this day, Naxi people will get together to singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and having a picnic in the Lashihai Lake.

Torch Festival
Date: Jun 24th to Jun 26th of the Chinese lunar calendar
Intro: According to the Naxi’s custom, Torch Festival lasts for 3 days. People will light a bonfire in front of the house and take torches walking, singing and dancing along the footpath.

Mi La Festival
Date: May 15th of the Chinese lunar calendar
Intro: Mi La Festival, also known as Bang Bang Festival, is a traditional festival of the Naxi group. On This day, people gather together in the Old Town, selling or buying various wooden farm tools.

Zhuan Shan Festival
Zhuan Shan Festival, also called Chao Shan Festival, is the most important festival for the Mosuo people living around the Lugu Lake. According to the local folktale, the ancestor of the Mosuo was born on this day. During the festival, the Mosuo people will wear the most beautiful costumes to worship the goddess, sing, dance and shoot arrows.

Other Odds and Ends

Phone Dialing Code: 0888

Postcode: 674100

Emergency Call
Fire: 119
Police: 110
Traffic alarm: 122
Emergency center: 120

Useful Numbers
Tourist complaint: 0888-5123432
Weather Forecast: 121
Local telephone inquiry station: 114
Tourism information inquiry: 0888-5189846、5128761
Airport information desk: 0888-5173081
Service Hotline of Lijiang Airline Ticket Center: 0888-5161289、5161291、5173079
Passenger information desk of long-distance bus terminal: 0888-5121622, 0888-5122536

Money exchange is offered in any one of the exchange counters of the Bank of China in Lijiang.
Bank of China, Lijiang branch
Address: Village of Bailongtang, Yihe Office of the Dayan Town
Tel: 5122449

College of Tourism and Culture, Yunnan University
Address: Yuquan Road, Lijiang
Tel: 0888-5135110


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