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Naxi Ancient Music Show (Na Xi Gu Yue)
As the highlight of Dongba Culture, which was created by Naxi people over 1,000 years, Naxi Ancient Music is one of the oldest music in China, even in the world. Absorbing the essence of Confucianism and Taoism, Naxi people created it and loved it very much. Naxi Ancient Music has three characteristics: the setlists are age-old, the instruments are ancient and the performers are old. After appreciating Naxi Ancient Music show, you can not only experience the historical sense of this kind of music, but also be shocked by the profound and extensive Naxi culture. Considered as an elegant cultural art, Naxi Ancient Music is not only loved by Naxi people, but also welcomed by many foreign countries.

There are two places for you to experience this musical feast.
Naxi Concert Hall
Address: No.86. Mishi Lane, Xinhua Street, Old Town
Show time: 20:00~21:30
Tel: 0888-5127971

Dongba Palace
Address: No.123, Cuiwen Lane, Xihua Street, Old Town
Tel: 0888-5187619
Naxi Ancient Music Show, Lijiang Travel, Lijiang Guide Mountains • Rivers Show, Lijiang Travel, Lijiang Guide
Mountains • Rivers Show (Li Shui Jin Sha)
As a famous folk dancing show in Lijiang, Mountains • Rivers Show is a welcomed by a great deal of travelers every years. It demonstrates not only the unique ethnic cultures in Yunnan but also the traditional customs of these ethnic groups lived in Lijiang. It consist of four parts—prelude, rivers, mountains and affections.

Lijiang International Ethnic Cultural Communication Center
Address: Red Sun Square, Xidajie Street
Show time: 19:30 (everyday)
                   15:20 / 17:20 / 21:20 (peak season)
Tel: 0888-5111020

Impression Lijiang (Yin Xiang Li Jiang)
Impression Lijiang, held at the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, which is located 3,100 meters above sea level, is a magnificent outdoor performance with over 500 performers from 10 ethnic groups and 100 strong horses. On the background of the gorgeous snow mountain, Impression Lijiang is a cultural show demonstrating the brilliant Dongba culture, time-honored history of the Tea-horse Ancient Road and local Naxi folk customs. Impression Lijiang includes six parts: ‘ancient road and horse caravan’, 'drinking on the snow mountain’, 'the world in heaven’, 'singing and dancing’, 'beating drums and dancing for worshipping heaven’ and ‘blessing ceremony’.

Ganhaizi Snow Mountain Theater of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
Tel: 0888-8888888
Show time for reference: 9:00~13:00

Other Entertainments and Activities
Bars, Lijiang Travel, Lijiang Guide Cafes, Lijiang Travel, Lijiang Guide
Bars & Cafes
As a well-developed tourist destination, Lijiang boasts numerous bars and cafes, which are decorated in different styles. The bars are lying on the tranquilly flowing water in the Old Town. Every night, travelers from home and abroad get together here, relaxing themselves, meeting new friends and sharing romantic experience in Lijiang. Generally, the nightlife of Lijiang is worthy of experiencing and varied as your expectation.

Sakura Kim Café (bar, café, restaurant)
Add: No.123, Cuiwen Lane, Xinhua Street, Old Town
Tel: 0888-5187619

Le Petit Paris (bar, restaurant)
Add: No.111, Cuiwen Lane, Xinhua Street, Old Town
Tel: 0888-5187619

One Meter Sunshine (bar, Naxi cuisine)
Add: No.6, Shuangshi Lane, Xinhua Street, Old Town
Tel: 0888-8888868

37°2 (hostel, bar, restaurant)
Add: nearby the Square Street, Old Town
Tel: 0888-5136292

Prague (café, restaurant, bar)
Add: No.80, Mishi Lane, Xinyi Street, Old Town
Tel: 0888-5123757

Hikers (bar)
Add: No.16, Cuiwen Lane, Xihuan Street, Old Town
Tel: 0888-5105212

Dragon Palace (bar, hotstel)
Add: Yuhe Corridor, Old Town
Tel: 0888-5185768

Blue Bird Café
Add: nearby Dashi Bridge, Old Town
Tel: 0888-8893006

Blue Pawpaw Café
Add: No.50, Guanmen Gate, Old Town

Rembrandt Café
Add: No.6, Baisuifang, Xinyi Street, Old Town


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