Shopping in Lijiang

Local Specialties and Souvenirs

Lijiang is a main product distributing center and the handicraft producing area in the Northwest Yunnan. Thus you can by lots of local products from different areas of southwest China here. Square Street, located in the central Old Town with an area of 6 acres, is the most traditional shopping market in Lijiang. Many shops sell various kinds of local products and you can bargain with owners.

Naxi Murals are worthy of collecting. The price of each mural painting costs from 15RMB to 30RMB. It can be painted in Naxi’s pictographs according to customer’s request. It is a good choice for putting it on the desk as an ornament.

After experiencing Mosuo people’s life in the Lugu Lake, don’t forget to buy some local products, such as Sulima wine, Pipa pork and Xiaoliangshan apple, etc. You can buy some of them at locals’ home or at the shops in Ninglang County.

Tips: Don’t be an impulsive consumer in Lijiang. Most of the interesting products only can be found in small lanes.
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Shop Index
Dongba Pottery Shop (Dong Ba Tao Zhai)
Location: No.72, Guanyuan Lane, Guangyi Street, Old Town
Tel: 0888-5189788

Xi An Batik Shop (Xi An La Ran)
Location: No.73, Baowu Lane, Nanmen Street, Old Town

Longevity Silver Shop (Bai Sui Fang)
Location: No.108~109, Square Street, Old Town
Business hours: 09:00~22:00

Fuxin Arts and Crafts Shop (Fu Xin Gong Yi Zhi Pin)
Location: No.78, Xingwen Lane, Qiyi Street, Old Town
Tel: 0888-5116307

Cherry’s Shop (Ying Tao De Dian)
Location: No.62, Xinyuan Lane, Guangyi Street, Old Town
Tel: 0888-5119698

Datong Pu’er Tea (Da Tong Pu Er Cha)
Location: No.30-2, Zhongyi Lane, Guangyi Street, Old Town
Tel: 0888-8882137

Daily Articles Shopping

Shop Index
Lijiang Department Store
Location: No.339, Minzhu Road
Tel: 0888-5151117

Yonglejiang Supermarket
Location: No.61, Qixing Street
Tel: 0888-5166773


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