Eating in Sanya

Famous Local Food

As a coastal city, Sanya are abundant in marine products. Not to mention the three treasures-abalone, Thelenota ananas and sea urchin, there are many other kinds of must-eat rare food such as the oyster, blue crab, rockfish, scallop and lobster. Besides, some traditional local foods are also worthy of tasting.
Wenchang Chicken , Sanya Guide,Sanya Travel Noodles , Sanya Guide,Sanya Travel
Wenchang Chicken
Wenchang Chicken belongs to theGuangdong Cuisine, ranking first in the Hainan four famous dishes. Nowadays, Wenchang chicken are popular in Hong Kong and the Southeast Asia.

The Wenchang chicken are fed with the peanuts, coconuts and rice with the cod-liver oil and sulfur to make the skin of the chicken crisp and the meat tender and tasty. The traditional cookery of the Wenchang chicken is boil with sauce--that is to make the plain chicken.

Bamboo Rice
The Bamboo rice of the Li ethnic minority in Sanya is a special traditional local food as well. People put the rice with some meat of the wild animals and special ingredients into a bamboo tube, and then cook it with the charcoal fire. It will be more delicious and fragrant over a sip of folk wine.

When it comes to the local food, the Five Color Rice is the special local food of Miao minority in Sanya, and Jiaji Duck, Dongshan Lamb and Hele Crab are also the famous local food in Sanya.
Bamboo Rice , Sanya Guide,Sanya Travel Bamboo Rice , Sanya Guide,Sanya Travel
Famous Local Snacks

Noodles are a special local snack that can be cooked in many different ways. In Sanya, the acid noodles, Gangmen noodles, Baoluo noodles and steamed noodles in Sanya are of special local flavor.

Seafood Gruel
The seafood gruel is appetizing delicious and nutritious and does good to the stomach. The natural and fresh seafood is the main reason why the gruel tastes sweet and fragrant.

Seafood Hotpot
All the materials of the hotpot are local products--shrimps, crabs, shells and fish--anything you name it. The ginger and garlic can keep original taste of the seafood.
Seafood Hotpot, Sanya Guide,Sanya TravelYipingguo, Sanya Guide,Sanya Travel
Recommended Restaurants


This restaurant locates in the west of Sanya Bay. Here you can enjoy the sunset and seascapes while tasting the seafood hotpot. The seafood here is of reasonable price and good quality.
Location: Tuanjie Street, Sanya (it takes 6 CNY at most by taxi from anywhere in Sanya)

Nanshan Hotpot City

Seafood hotpot and one of the Four famous Hainan local dishes--Dongshan Lamb are offered here.

Location: Renmin Road, Sanya (it takes 5 CNY at most by taxi from anywhere in Sanya)
Nanshan Hotpot City, Sanya Guide,Sanya Travel
Waimao Road Gourmet Street
Here assembles the folk snacks from the south and north China. People can appreciate different food culture here. However, people come here mainly for seafood yet.

: Waimao Road, Sanya (200m away from the Sanya Bay)( it takes 6 CNY at most by taxi from anywhere in Sanya.)

Chunyuan Seafood Square
Over 40 seafood restaurants make the night in Sanya lively and bustling. Here is a must-go place for seafood hotpot in Sanya. What you can do here is not just eat the seafood, but also choose the seafood as you like.

Location: The north end of West Xihe Road

1. No cool drink, no watermelon or no swimming within 1 hour after you took the seafood.
2. Drink some vinegar or wine (but never beer) will do good to you.
3. No coconut either while eating the seafood.
4. The seafood here is a little bit expensive, so it would be better to buy the seafood in primary market and take them here.


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