Shopping in Sanya

As a coastal tourism city, Sanya is definitely abundant in marine products that are, of course, of high quality and reasonable price. In addition, tropical fruits, natural seawater pearls, natural crystals and other local specialties are there for your choice.

Local Specialties and Souvenirs

The coconut sculpture, which can be used as the fruit tray, bowl, wine cup, tea set, vase and decoration, is a popular souvenir among the tourists. Apart from the coconut sculpture, the tiger cowries, nautilus, noctilucent, seven star snail and top shell are good choice of decorations as well.
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Tropical Fruits
The tropical climate contributes to the high production and high quality of the tropical fruits in Sanya such as the coconut, mango, pineapple, leechee, jackfruit and pitaya. The number of the coconut products alone exceeds 10, including coconut sweet, coconut shred, coconut cake and coconut sauce etc.

The Island Dress
Walking on the soft beach wearing the symbolic dress of Hainan is a special and awesome joy. The Island Dress is a show of the local customs as well as official dress in Hainan just like the suits in the western countries. The Island Dress feels soft, sweat absorption and various in styles.

Dried sea products
Many tourists come to Sanya not just for the seascapes, but also for the sea products, especially the dried sea products, such as the dried squids, shellfish, sea cucumber, shrimp meat, dried sea serpent, fin, abalone and sand worm etc.
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Crystal and Seawater Pearl
Crystal from Hainan is arguably the best in China. Chairman Mao's coffin in Beijing was built with Hainan crystal. The luminous natural material is not only the ideal material of various kinds of jewels including necklaces, brooches and earrings, but also apparently a rare medicinal material.

Seawater pearls are famous for their huge size and colorful surface compared to freshwater pearls that are more commonly found throughout China. The biggest seawater pearls have a diameter of 1.5 cm. Like the crystal, the seawater pearl can be used as the decorations, while the pearl powder is traditionally used to maintain youth and beauty.

Daily Articles Shopping

The First Market
The First Market is the busiest shopping center and also the place where you can buy the same things in lower price in Sanya. Here assembles all the necessities of life. What you need to prepare before coming here is th skill of bargain. No.2 and 4 bus can bring you here.
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Honggang Market
Honggang Market is the ideal place to go for the marines products. It is the professional marine products market where is, though a little far away from the city center, the marine products distributing center. All the marine products in Hainan are easy to get here. No bus gets here. It takes 5 CNY by taxi to get here from the city center.

Red Flag Street
The Red Flag Street in Sanya is a 300-meter long pedestrian street that full of all kinds of goods. The south part is the clothes area, while the north is for dinning and daily articles. Take any bus in Sanya can get here.

Mingzhu Plaza
Mingzhu Plaza is the most comprehensive shopping center in Sanya, with nine floors and a 1,500-square-meter hall. It deals in diverse local products, dining, entertainment, jewelry and cosmetics. Mingzhu Plaza locates on the opposite of the Second Market at the 3rd Liberation Road. 


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