Archive May 17, 2021

Cycling in the North West of Yunnan

Began from Erhai Lake, and ended at the foot of Jade Dragon Mountain. Following the Ancient Tea & Salt — Horse Road, we went through Dali,Diqing, and Lijiang prefectures, 6 days and 600 kilometers. Beside the beautiful scenery,we also explored the colorful ethnic minority nationalities’ culture, discovered the beauty of the people, and enjoyed the peace and quietness of the old small towns. We visited the Tibetan Buddhist temple and the Tibetan family, tasted different foods and joined different kinds of local culture shows.

Riding a bike 40 to 70 kilometers each day, we were energetic again in the morning no matter how exhausted the day before. we climbed the high mountain that even the birds can not fly over, we arrived at the first bend of the Yangtze River. We made the impossible into possible. We were crazy! Yes, we are crazy but we are professional. Thanks to you all. We conquered all difficulties and challenges. What a wonderful trip!