Archive November 16, 2021

Mangkang county, located in Tibet autonomous region, the thousand-year salt wells existing more than 3000 pieces, and retain the relatively complete ancient salt production in our country.

The ancient salt wells can be found on both sides of the Lancang River. There are a lot of salt wells, the turbulent Lancang River through the middle, and the cliff with wooden piles is the salt fields, but they look abandoned for a long time. These are the ancient ruins of salt wells, under the action of external force, such as soaking in the water, and many ancient salts brine well wood pillar by varying degrees of damage, and in the lancang river rose water every year, they have been washed out of the dangerous river, because the ancient salt brine well is under a steep slope, there exist the possibility of a landslide, saved thousands of years is not easy.

To save the ruins, the local government set up the protection of cultural relics protection working group with professionals, also let us feel the wisdom of the ancient working people. After all, in the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, far from the sea, it’s not easy to have such a large salt well.