Archive April 1, 2022

Weizhou Island

Weizhou Island is located in beibu Gulf just south of Beihai City, the largest and youngest volcanic island in China. The origin of Weizhou Island can be traced back to millions of years ago, but the latest volcanic eruption was 30,000 years ago, which covered the island and established the modern volcanic landscape of Weizhou Island. Through sea erosion, the island is further sculpted with beautiful modern landform landscape, such as sea erosion platform, sea erosion cliff, sea erosion cave, sea erosion cave, sea erosion bridge, sea erosion mushroom, etc., all kinds of strange rocks and rocks, constitute an amazing scenery line.

Crocodile mountain, colorful beach, water screen, stone Dan screw scenic area, such as volcanic mechanism of China’s most typical, China’s most abundant volcanic landscape and China’s most complete multiphase volcanic geological relics, set in the sea cliffs cliffs or Marine platform on various bomb, volcano, as she volcanic murals, solidified lava dynamic process of the moment, A masterpiece of volcanic engineering.