Entertainment in Sanya

Traveling in Sanya, the pleasant weather will guarantee you an impressive holiday. Sunshine, sea breeze, soft beaches, cleanest seawater, picturesque islands, vast rainforest and shinning neon lights are all gifts from god to us to experience the special life in Sanya.

Popular Activities

Fishing is a commonly seen entertainment in Sanya. There are many excellent places for fishing, like on the islet, on the open sea and on the reef. Being in such a fascinating scenic restore, enjoy the sceneries while fishing is blessedness.

The I’Est, an island locates 8 nautical miles off the Sanay Bay, is surrounded by a mass of coral reef providing an ideal living environment for diverse rare marine animals, therefore it becomes one of the most suitable fishing place.

The Shuangfeishi is a natural fishing place formed by two stones stand overtop on the open sea, where is 110 miles away from Sanya Bay. The depth of the water is 15 -30 meters. There is a huge ecosphere around these two stones.

When it comes to fishing on the open sea, Liudaowan, South Mountain and Yalong Bay are the admirable sites. However, these three sites are so popular that you need to make preservation before setting out.
Fishing , Sanya Guide,Sanya TravelFishing , Sanya Guide,Sanya TravelDiving, Sanya Guide,Sanya Travel
Walking on the beach, feeling the softness of the sand, listening to the sound of the wave and feeling the mildness of the breeze are of course a great experience. However, diving into the sea should be an incredible one.

The visibility of the seawater in Yalong Bay is up to 8-16 meters, even 25 meters at some places. Taking an oxygen cylinder, wearing the diving suit and glasses, after a short and professional diving training, you will become a happy 'fish' traveling under the sea and exploring the magic sea world.

1. Before diving, read over he do’s and don’ts carefully.
2. People with heart disease and high blood pressure are forbidden in diving.

Pubs and Bars
In Sanya, the pubs and bars are not so many as in
Guangzhou or Chengdu.

Mingjian is a very special bar where may distinctive activities are hold every night. Mingjian is said to be the most popular bar in Sanya.
Location: Yeya Avenue, Sanya

88 Bars is a classical bar where both Chinese traditional cultural and western cultural can be experienced. 88 bars is a suitable entertainment place for the youth and the office worker.
Location: Yeya Avenue, Sanya

Bujianbusan is a bar suits more for the white collar because the consumption here is lower. The shows and river scenery here are marvelous.
Location: Hexi Road, Sanya
88 Bars , Sanya Guide,Sanya TravelTtropical Rainforest , Sanya Guide,Sanya TravelSunrise, Sanya Guide,Sanya Travel
Enjoy Sunrise & Sunset on the Sea
In addition to going to Luhuitou Park, riding a boat out on the sea is a wise way to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Breathe fresh air, take breeze bath and experience the distinctive feeling of being surrounded by vast sea while waiting for the arrival disappearing of the sun is a great joy beyond words.

Unlike appreciating the sunset and sunrise, riding a motorboat flying on the sea is a thrilling entertainment. Running like a wind on the sea is a kind of relaxation as well. The motorboat is easy to master, while the fee is no so low, say 15 CNY per minute.

Other Entertainments and Activities

Hiking in the tropical rainforest in Sanya
The tropical rainforest is particularly charming after taking a rain bath. Taking a exploration in the rainforest like experiencing a fairy land where you will can pick the rare local fruit, feel the waterfall, walk on the ropeway and enjoy the hot spring.

Water park, Disney, casino and the seafood restaurants are can be listed into the place you can spend your holiday in Sanya. 


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