Shanghai Travel Tips

Climate and Weather

With its location in the subtropical zone, Shanghai enjoys a pleasant marine monsoon climate. With an annual average temperature of 16 degrees and an annual precipitation of 1,100 mm, the weather here is both warm and moist weather. Seasons in Shanghai are quite distinct. The hottest month around the year is July, with a daily average temperature of 28 degrees. However, the coldest month is January, with a daily average temperature of about 3 degrees.

Spring or autumn is the beat times for you to visit Shanghai. There is one thing to mention—when it comes to the Rainy season, also called the Mei-Yu Season, which in English is the 'Plum Rain Season', It takes a very long time to dry your clothes. During this Period, the plums ripen along the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. This rainy season will last for about a month commencing in early summer. Typhoon will arrive from late August and through the first twenty days of September, bringing heavy rain in their wake.

Local Festivals and Folk Custom
Shanghai Nanhui Peach Blossoms Festival, Shanghai Guide, Shanghai TravelShanghai Nanhui Peach Blossoms Festival, Shanghai Guide, Shanghai TravelShanghai Nanhui Peach Blossoms Festival, Shanghai Guide, Shanghai Travel
There are many colorful festivals and celebrations yearly in Shanghai, such as the Shanghai Nanhui Peach Blossoms Festival, Shanghai International Tea Culture Festival and Shanghai China International Art Festival. All these add splendor to Shanghai. It is said that if you are the first one to toll the bell to celebrate the coming New Year on Spring Festival Eve, you will be very lucky all the year round. Thus local people swarm to Longhua Temple to toll the bell on that night. The other big occasions in the year are he Shanghai International Tea Culture Festival held during April and the International Dragon Boat Race held in May in the Qingpu District. 

Big Party at the Opening Ceremony, Shanghai Travel Festival
Time: Evening, September 13th
Place: Century Square, Nanjing Pedestrian Mall
Activities: A big party for noted rock 'n' roll and DJ, foreign students studying in Shanghai, businessmen from around the world, and Shanghai citizens.

China Shanghai International Art Festival
Time: October 18th - November 18th
Place: Theaters
Activities: Performances given by art troupes from all corners of the world.

Contest of Tourist Image Ambassador, Shanghai Travel Festival
Time: April - September
Place: Shanghai
Activities: Selecting excellent young people who can represent the tourist image and the charm of metropolitan Shanghai, and showing Shanghai's overall development in culture, economy, and the arts.

Floral Car Tournament Contest
Time: September 14th-29th
Place: Shanghai
Activities: Cars decorated with flowers travel around all parts of Shanghai,and votes and quiz from tourists

Shanghai International Movie & TV Festivals
Time: June
Place: Movie theaters for the Movie Festival, New International Exhibition Center for the TV Festival
Activities: Appraising the prizes for film and television, broadcasting films from around the world and TV dramas, trading of international film and TV programs, and exhibiting film and TV production equipment and apparatus.

Shanghai International Music & Fireworks Festival
Time: Evenings on September 30th, October 3rd, 6th
Place: Pudong Century Park
Activities: Show of musical fireworks by masters from all parts of the world.

Other Odds and Ends

Useful Numbers:
Phone Dialing Code: 021
Postcode: 200000
Emergency Call
Fire: 119
Police: 110
Ambulance: 120
Weather Forecast: 121
Consumers' Complaint: 12315
Tourists Complaint: 64393615
Telephone Trouble: 122
Post Office: 185
CAAC Ticket Center:
Hongqiao International Airport Consultation: 62688918; 62683659
Pudong International Airport Consultation: 38484500
Shanghai East Airlines Air Ticket Reservations: 6247-2255
Information of Railway Station:
Train Ticket Reservation: 63171880
Coach Ticket Reservation: 56630230
Port Passenger Station: 63261261
People's No.1 Hospital: 63240100

Shanghai Branch of Bank of China is located in Zhongyin Building, No. 200, Yincheng Middle Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China. Foreign exchange service is provided in these branches.
Tel: 86-21-73291979
Office Hours: 9:00 - 17:00, From Monday to Friday
9:00 - 13:00, Saturday

Shanghai Jiaotong University
Xuhui Campus: No.1954 Huashan Road, Shanghai, 200030
Min Hang Campus: No.800 Dongchuan Road, Min Hang, Shanghai, 200240
Fa Hua Zhen Road Campus: No.535 Fahuazhen Road, Shanghai, 200052
Shang Zhong Road Campus: No.100 Shangzhong Road, Shanghai, 200232
Qibao Campus: No.2678 Qixin Road, Shanghai, 201101
South Chongqing Road Campus: No.227 South Chongqing Road 200025

Tongji University
Siping campus: No.1239 Siping Road, Shanghai, 200092
The west campus: Zhennan Road of Shanghai
The east campus: Wudong Road
The north campus: Gonghe Xin Road of Shanghai

Shanghai International Studies University
Hongkou Campus: No.550 Dalian Road (W), Hongkou District, Shanghai, 200083
Songjiang Campus: No.1550 Wenxiang Road , Songjiang District, Shanghai, 201620

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