Eating in Dali

Famous Local Food

'Three-course Tea’, Fish Stewed with Chicken in Casserole and Dengchuan Milk Fan are the most characteristic snacks in Dali. The Three-course Tea, a way of tea drinking, is reputed for ‘bitter tea’,  'sweet tea’ and ‘final tea’. Fish Stewed with Chicken in Casserole is also famous. Other seasonings are sliced ham, meat, bean curd, carrot and cabbage, etc. Dengchuan Milk Fan is crumbly and a good dish that goes with wine. Additionally, Xizhou cake, marmite fish, Erhai plums are famous local food.

Recommended Restaurants

Most of the best restaurants are in the Dali Ancient Town. In the Renmin Road and Huguo Road, many restaurants with Bai and Tibetan ethnic characteristics serve Chinese and western food. You can taste Yunnan local food and Bai ethnic dishes here.

Taibailou Restaurant
Address: No.38, Huguo Road, Dali Ancient Town

Xizhou Cake
Address: southwestern cornor of Sifang Road, Xizhou County

Adayin Restaurant
Address: Erhenan Road, Xiaguan District
Tel: 0872-2194188

Yiheng Restaurant
Address: No.117, Renmin Road, Dali Ancient Town

Plum Well Restaurant
Address: No.130, Renmin Road, Dali Ancient Town
Tel: 0872-2671578

Xinhuag Village
Address: No.165, Yu’er Road
Tel: 0872-2670087


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