My Trip to Chime-Long Paradise with My Children

Where will the family go during the Spring Festival holiday? I believe many friends have this problem.

If you haven’t taken your kids to Chime-Long yet, Guangzhou Chime-Long resort must be on your list.

This Spring Festival, take the children in Guangzhou Chime-Long tourist resort to start the most exciting Spring Festival trip!

Chime-Long wildlife world is a large ecological animal world, there are many rare animals in the park. It has been heard that Guangzhou Chime-Long wildlife world is very interesting, today we will go to see the Spring Festival Chime-Long what is the highlight? After getting off the subway, we entered the park through the south gate of animal world. Qr code to get tickets, into the park very fast speed.

The New Year is coming, you can feel the festive atmosphere when you enter the park. We decided to take a small train to get close to the wildlife! The train at Chime-Long wildlife world is a great way to get a closer look at the wildlife New Year show MOE, look cool, and be cool.

Waiting in line at the waiting point, the seats on the train are one-to-one, each row of four people, sitting on the side to better appreciate the animals along the way.

Take a small train across the five continents, you can see different auspicious baonafu set good luck, wild tigers, lions, wolves; Lovely kangaroos, malayan tapirs; High-cold stegosaurus and rhinoceros; Gentle Asian elephants, giraffes…

Small train slowly through the animal world, in the way, the whole process of the commentator on the animals we see to carry out a detailed science. In order to protect the safety of tourists and animals, the whole journey is not allowed to get off, but in the seat can also be a good way to observe the animals along the way, with the introduction of the commentator, you can have a simple understanding of the animals.

You’ll find them living in nature, very relaxed.

Visitors can drive through it, close to the animals, feel the wild like the prairie.

Chime-Long wildlife world is giving visitors a special New Year experience by launching a night tour during the Spring Festival. When the night falls, follow the little stars to walk forward, a beautiful and bright picture gradually spread out at the foot, the real and unreal alternating wonderful, witnessing the gorgeous light and shadow and beautiful night sky set against each other into an interesting dream. The mysterious night sky created by fantasy lighting and virtual projection presents a world of both real animals and virtual light and shadow, creating a colorful visual feast for you and immersing you in a dreamland. Children who love adventure should not miss it.

In addition to web celebrity flamingos, there are giraffe square’s “tall and handsome” giraffes, long necks and long legs, slender limbs and a leisurely pace to keep them always elegant posture. Because they’re so tall, they don’t usually lower their heads to feed. On the east African savannah, giraffes basically stick out their long tongues to lick the leaves off the trees. At Chime-Long wildlife world, their food is also hung high on the branches of trees for easy feeding.

The aerial cable car experience has a great view

The aerial cable car is the right way to get a panoramic view of Chime-Long’s wildlife world and experience the magic of the animal kingdom. Take the cable car, go deep into the east African savannah, enjoy the original ecological life with the rare animals.

There are two ways to get into the cable car, ordinary channel and VIP express channel. There were two or three lines in the orange aisle, but only a short wait to enter the green aisle. Side of the service of the little brother is very carefully and patiently to remind the cable car on some notes.

On the cable car there are voice navigation broadcast, will tell you where to go now, what animals, very intimate, will not miss any place

During the tour, we also saw the fierce tiger. Besides the giant panda, which is the treasure of Chime-Long’s wildlife world, the white tiger is also the big star here. The Bengal white tiger is a first-class protected animal in the world and a national treasure of India. There are only about 210 white tigers left in the world, and Chime-Long wildlife world is home to the largest number of white tigers in the world.

At four months old, tigers have become aggressive and can no longer have direct contact with humans. They must leave their keepers and live with their cubs in a kindergarten. The main food is chicken and beef, occasionally need to eat vegetables to help digestion.

Baby tigers need to be kept at 28 degrees in an incubator. After the full moon, you can get out of the incubator and play with other friends.

Chime-Long has also made great efforts to provide a comfortable environment for these Australian babies. The eucalyptus leaf ecological garden highly restored to the original ecological eucalyptus forest in Australia, the independent villa pavilion and science hall with constant temperature all year round, as well as the koala health care room and eucalyptus leaf preservation room, make koalas live comfortably.

It is said that Chime-Long wildlife world in the domestic few can see the koala zoo, a tree tree koala, it is a cute storm! In addition to looking at koalas up close, children can act as small nurseries and interact with koalas up close!