Huaqing Pool, Famous for Romantic Love Stories

30km east of Xi’an and beside the Terracotta Army, Huaqing Pool features the Imperial Pools of the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907), Pear Garden, Frost Flying Hall, Nine-Dragon Lake, Five-Room Building and Mount Li. Huaqing Pool is famous for the romantic love story of Tang Emperor Xuanzong and his concubine Yang Yuhuan.

Within Huaqing pool, there are also five hot spring pools: lotus pool, begonia pool, star pool, master pool and prince pool. The lotus pool was the private bath of emperor xuanzong of the tang dynasty and looked like a lotus. Begonia pool, also known as guifei pool, shaped like begonia, originally for Yang yuhuan. It is said that the star pool has no roof, so people can take a bath at night and enjoy the whole star. The grand master pool is for officials, and the prince pool is, of course, for princes.

The pear garden in Huaqing pool is the most famous royal theatre in China. In the garden, xuanzong and his concubine Yang yuhuan created many tunes and dances. However, the most famous one, the song of ni shangyu, has long been lost.

On the west side of the pear garden stands the frost-flying heaven, also known as the frost-flying hall, which was the residence of emperor xuanzong of the tang dynasty. The name frosty flight comes from an interesting story. It is said that the whole hall is warm even in winter because of the hot springs. When the snow fell on it, all the snow turned to frost at once.

Tourists are not allowed to use hot springs in this scenic area. If you really want to have such an experience, many hotels near the scenic area welcome you all year around. They have hot springs for you to enjoy. With an even temperature of 43°C (109°F), the ever-flowing water here contains minerals and organic materials that have therapeutic effects on the skin.