Shopping in Chengdu

Local Specialties and Souvenirs

Being hailed as the City of Gourmet, Chengdu is a paradise for shopping as well. The Chunxi Road is the third flourishing commercial street in China.
Shu Brocade and Shu Embroidery
The Shu Brocade is the member of the four famous brocades. It is 2000-year-old and characterized by the intrinsic meanings it contains. People always embroider various features on the Shu brocade such as historical story, landscape and figures, flowers and animals just like embedding the luck and fortune in it.

The Shu Embroidery, as the Shu Brocade, is also the member of the four famous embroideries. Shu Embroidery dates back to the West Han Dynasty (206 B.C. - 24) when the Shu Embroidery was commonly used as the decoration of the Robes, curtain, screen and wedding customs or as gifts.

Both the Shu Brocade and the Shu Embroidery are made of the natural silk under precise processing, so they are fine and smooth, shinning and elegant.
Chengdu lacquer ware
Having existed for 3000 years, Chengdu lacquer ware can last for centuries without being corrupted and can keep the features on vivid. The reason is simply that the clay was well chosen and it was made exquisitely through many complicated processes like sculpture, embedding, stroke, paint and stick. The lacquer ware is widely used as the decoration in the drawing room or as an art in the office.

Bamboo craftwork
Bamboo craftwork is an art in Chengdu. People use the bamboo to weave the case (like the pillow case) of the vast, bowl, coffee set or teapot, to hold the vast or teapot as decoration, which is useful and admiring. The subtropical climate does good to the growth of the bamboo which is also the advantage of the development of the bamboo craftwork.
Wine is a widely known local specialty in Chengdu, for the water there is abundant and of high quality. Some wines made in Chengdu are also the member of the top ten Chinese wines, such as the Wu Liang Ye, the Tuopai liquor and the Luzhou Laojiao. For the wine lover Chengdu is really the right place to go.

Daily Articles Shopping
Chunxi Road
Chunxi Road is a 80-year-old street, where is the very center of the City of Chengdu. It occupies over 20 ha and consists of the East Street, New South Street, New Central Street, New North Street and South Zongfu Road. More than 700 stores here, forming the third most flourishing Chinese commercial street. Here is a combination of shopping, gourmet, entertainment and business, where various levels of needs can be satisfied.
People's Plaza
Founded in 1953, the People's Plaza is one of the top ten plazas in China, as well as the largest comprehensive commercial retail enterprise in southwestern China. Here you can shop for a huge range of wares, like the souvenirs and street stall item, the wine and tea, the Shu Brocade and Shu Embroidery, the lacquer wares and the bamboo wares. Address: North Railway Station, Chengdu

Red Flag Plaza
Red Flag Plaza is a large multifunction comprehensive shopping center and the largest non-staple food mall in southwestern China, integrating shopping, food processing, accommodation, recreation, advertising and promotion. It is as large as 10,000 ㎡.
Parkson Square
The business building of the Parkson Square has seven stories covering an area of 10,000 ㎡. More than 100,000 kinds of commodities are available here, making itself a shopping paradise for customers. 
Chengdu Department Store
It is a large commercial chain store in Chengdu, with an area of 15,000 ㎡. It has command of 6 chian stories and 13 commodity departments selling more than 30,000 kinds of commodities. Its business network extends all through the China.

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