The 10 Most Famous Temples and Monasteries in China, Some of these temples play an active role in Buddhism

Buddhism was introduced to China during the Christian period, dating back to the western and eastern han dynasties (202-220 BC). The development of Buddhism has exerted a profound influence on Chinese culture in philosophy, literature, art, politics, medicine, material culture and many other fields. Read More

The Top Ten Tourist Attractions in Henan Province

Henan is the root of the world’s Chinese ancestors, the source of Chinese history and civilization, and the birthplace of Chinese surnames. More than 20 orthodox dynasties successively established or moved their capitals to Henan, leaving precious historical wealth for Henan and laying the foundation for Henan tourism. What are the interesting scenic spots in Henan? Next, I’d like to introduce the top ten five A-level tourist attractions in Henan Province. Read More