Tips on Hot Spring, What Should You Pay Attention to

In winter, hot springs are the best way to dispel the chill and gloom; It benefits health and cures disease; However, it is not suitable for everyone and there are many points to note.

Remember, do not soak within an hour before or after meals. When you’re hungry or drunk, don’t soak. Get to know the water quality and mineral content of spring water and choose a spring suitable for your condition or illness. Spring water containing too much acid is not suitable for soaking.

Remember to remove all metal jewelry or accessories before bathing to prevent them from being eroded by minerals that some springs may contain.

Hot springs with hot water are not suitable for bathing. The optimum temperature for soaking is between 35°C(95°F) and 45°C(113°F). You should feel the water with your hands or feet first, put your feet in the water for a while, and then slowly soak in the water. Don’t dive directly into the water. Try a cooler spring first, then gradually heat the water.

It is unwise to soak for a long time. You can soak for 15 to 20 minutes at a time and take a break before showering. A massage or a hot spring is good for the body. You’d better not go to the hot spring alone, because sometimes unexpected things happen. If you feel chest tightness, dizziness or thirst, please immediately out of the spring to rest and drink water.

Generally speaking, you don’t have to wash your body after a hot spring bath because the beneficial ingredients can be better absorbed. However, if the spring contains a lot of acid or hydrogen sulfate, you need to take a bath. For people with dry skin, moisturizer is recommended to prevent moisture loss.

Nanjing Road, a Century-old Shopping Street

China’s premier shopping street, 5.5km (3.4-mile) Nanjing road, stretches from the bund in the east to the intersection of jing ‘an temple and xi yan ‘an street in the west. Today, it is a must-see metropolitan destination, attracting thousands of fashion-conscious shoppers from around the world.

Nanjing road, a century-old street in Shanghai’s huangpu district, bears witness to the city’s history. Over time, it has been reorganized and has undergone significant changes. Large traditional stores no longer dominate the market, as modern shopping malls, specialty stores, theaters and international hotels have sprung up along the streets. To facilitate shopping, there is an all-weather pedestrian playground in the eastern district.

There are more than 600 shops on the road, offering countless famous products of high quality and fashionable style. Upscale stores include tiffany, montblanc, omega and dunhill. About 100 traditional shops and specialty stores offer fine silk, jade, embroidery, wool and clocks. People who like to shop will indulge in the pleasure of shopping.

There are many traditional food stores with a history of 100 years in Nanjing road. Here, you can not only taste the most authentic Shanghai cuisine, but also buy some for your friends and family as gifts.

It was an unforgettable experience taking the old dangdang tram from 8:30 to 22:00 every day. On the slow train, you can see all kinds of shops outside the window, old or new, leaving your view one by one, just like history. The one-way trip will take about 10 minutes and you will have to pay 5 RMB for it.

Flashing neon lights illuminate the magnificent buildings and illuminate the night sky of this vibrant city. Outdoor bars, abstract sculptures and the long music of street musicians make the evening stroll more enjoyable.

Nanjing road in Shanghai consists of east Nanjing road and west Nanjing road, with xizang road in the middle. Nanjing east road is relatively busy because of its proximity to the bund, a Shanghai landmark. Visitors can choose to walk along the whole road or choose a portion of it according to physical strength and time.

Guangzhou: a sleepless city

The Canton Tower is full of people’s voices, and the night tour of the Pearl River attracts everyone’s attention. The landscape and lighting on both sides of the river have been upgraded. 30 buildings along the river have become 30 light curtain walls, showing a dazzling light show, presenting a group of “Pearl River Light scrolls”, leaving an unforgettable impression on the citizens and tourists. Read More