Panda Lovers’ Paradise: Dujiangyan Panda Valley

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Panda valley, located in the Baima village of Yutang town, Dujiangyan, is about 50 kilometers from chengdu city. The general planning land of the wild release center is 2004mu, with an investment of 300 million yuan, which can accommodate 30~40 giant pandas, 50~100 red pandas and other accompanying wild animals. The valley is a narrow strip with streams flowing through and edible bamboo for giant pandas. Dujiangyan Panda Valley is divided into three parts: the experimental area, semi-wild reintroduction area and reintroduction area. Read More

Panda’s Favorite Food

The giant panda’s diet is one of its most peculiar and interesting habits, because it almost completely rely on bamboo to live, in the wild to pick more than 50 kinds of plants, bamboo accounted for more than half, and accounted for the annual food amount of 99%, among which the most like to eat big arrow bamboo, huaxi arrow bamboo and other 7 species. As the diet changes, so do some of its organs, especially the teeth, which have the most powerful molars of any carnivore. The strong sesamoid bone can hold bamboo well, even grasp things and climb trees. An adult giant panda weighing 100 kg will spend 12-16 hours a day in the spring eating 10-18 kg of bamboo leaves and stalks, or 30-38 kg of fresh bamboo shoots, and expelling more than 10 kg of feces to maintain metabolic balance.

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