Xiamen in Winter, My Travels to Xiamen

If choose the most suitable for your baby, the family harmony, eat and drink in the leisure tourism city, Sanya, Xiamen, Qingdao, Chengdu, is definitely on the list of the top four, supporting complete, rich attractions, tourism practitioners, but also because of this, led to the tourism market of all kinds of pit, accidentally fell into the trap of profiteers, will destroy the family have been waiting for a trip.

The parent-child travel notes of Sanya, Qingdao and Chengdu have been written, and I want to provide the most detailed and practical reference for the majority of office workers. I want to visit the most worthwhile attractions in Xiamen, eat the most authentic time-renowned brands in Xiamen, stay in the most cost-effective hotels in Xiamen, and make a trip perfect.

Xiamen is divided into two parts of the island and the island (see the figure below), a total of 6 districts, the island is tongan district, xiang ‘an district, jimei district, haicang district, the old city in the south is siming district, the new city in the north is huli district.

Important scenic spots and transportation stations are concentrated in siming district, huli district and jimei district

Of gulangyu, Xiamen science and technology museum, Xiamen university, zhongshan road, adjacent An, eight city, huandao road, south putuo, railway stations, ferry terminal, all painted painted in the Amoy area, the Amoy area concentrated to ninety percent of Xiamen scenic spots and food, as the top priority, so the price of housing is more expensive than other area.

Xiamen gaoqi airport is located in ★ huli district. It takes about 30 minutes to get to siming district from huli district after getting off the plane

Jimei university is located in jimei district. Mr. Chen jiageng, a returned overseas Chinese, has integrated the scenery of nanyang into the campus.

If in Xiamen travel time is longer, also recommend to rent car, went to Xiamen with my family around to see, and Xiamen, two recommendations, a distance of 1.5 hours of zhangzhou volcanic natural scenic spot, here has now become the most popular in Xiamen web celebrity clock, like the mother don’t miss the photo, by the way, can also take children to see the volcano remains;

Another is the world heritage site of zhangzhou soil buildings, this reputation is relatively big, we introduce in detail.

If it is the age of 30, bring the old and young travel Xiamen, the most economical and most comfortable way preferred to rent a car. Airport car, car, several mainstream car rental platform, daily rent economic car price is in 150 yuan, plus oil fee and parking fee, per capita is 50 to 60 yuan, not only convenient and comfortable, also can increase the radius of travel, can even drive to two hours’ drive from Xiamen heritage – fujian earth buildings in the world. Visit will give a detailed strategy (behind).

There are a lot of home stay hotels in Xiamen, and there are many good-looking ones on the website. In order to screen them, we chose three hotels between 200 and 350 yuan to stay in the downtown area of Xiamen.

In yellow is adjacent to eat in the food court a lot of choice, we asked the receptionist to be afraid of stepping on ray we recommend, told us this called seafood restaurant, the scene has a discount package is recommended, but we still chose their order, for half a ginger duck, a spicy crab, a scrambled 16 and a vegetable, the flavor of ginger duck is amazing, but spicy crab, 16 is more general, especially spicy crab, feel small crabs are good, eat no meat completely, if you come here, will taste the ginger duck is good, what seafood will try not to choose.

Yellow orange skin, take a breath of steam with meat ginger flavor, swallow swallow saliva, clip a piece of mouth, duck is very delicious, with the aroma of ginger, very delicious. This dish must have been extremely temperature-sensitive, so it was slowly baked in a casserole over hot sand, waiting for the skin to seep into the duck.

Xiamen science and technology museum is the designated base of popular science education for primary and secondary schools in Xiamen. When we came here, we met groups of primary school students. From 2020 to 2040, a new era of explosive growth of science and technology is bound to usher in. The way of life in the future will also be greatly changed, and we parents should do for their children, is to cultivate their interest in science and knowledge, and Xiamen science and technology museum is the best carrier.

White Cloud Mountain National Forest Park

Baiyun mountain national forest park was established in September 1992. It is located in the southern song county seat of luoyang, the hinterland of foulu mountain ridge, with a total area of 168 square kilometers (64.9 square miles). It invites visitors to refresh themselves in its natural beauty.

The forest coverage rate is 98.5%, which is in the transitional zone between warm temperate zone and subtropical zone. The vegetation of north and south China coexists here. In baiyun mountain national forest park, 204 species of animals, 1991 species of plants, 3000 species of insects. For example, there are ancient and rare plants: dendrobium and alpine rhododendron, as well as some rare animals: giant salamanders, leopards and golden eagles. It is a good place to appreciate the original beauty of nature. Water curtain cave, folding waterfall and fairy pool are all here. The scenery is beautiful beyond description.
At 2,150 meters (7,054 feet) above sea level, baiyun peak is one of the main peaks of funiu mountain. It is shrouded in clouds all year round, just like a fairyland on earth. There are folk songs and proverbs that say mountains can indicate changes in weather through the position of the surrounding clouds. Dazzling and fascinating, it’s the perfect place for climbers to find something new.
This is the highest point of the funiu mountain ridge, considered the highest point in central China, rising 2,216 meters (7,270 feet) above sea level. The mountain peak is shaped like a crown and seems to reach straight into the sky. From the top of the mountain, visitors can enjoy magnificent panoramic views of the vertical distribution of vegetation, as well as the fascinating sunrise and sea of clouds.
Small huangshan is called small huangshan because it reminds people of the famous huangshan in anhui province, which is famous for its strange rocks. The beauty and strangeness of small huangshan are fascinating. Various rocks have been given strange names, such as the sea fairy, the twin stone and the bird’s nest stone.
These waterfalls are formed by the white river, which rises from the peak of the jade emperor. It has a constant supply of water, rushing down, washing out the scattered waterfalls and deep pools. The jiulong waterfall, qinglong waterfall and the amur pool are the most attractive attractions in the area. In addition, there is an 814-foot bungee jump, considered the highest in Asia, offering visitors a chance to challenge their metter.
The park’s average summer temperature is below 18 degrees Celsius (64.4 degrees Fahrenheit), with the highest temperature below 26 degrees Celsius (78.8 degrees Fahrenheit). It is a magnificent summer resort, but the blooming flowers in spring, the clear sea of water and clouds in summer, the deep red leaves in autumn and the majestic baiyi mountains in winter make baiyun mountain national forest park a year-round Chinese resort.

Chinese Paper Umbrellas, Beautiful and Elegant

In addition to the most basic function of sunshade, the traditional paper umbrella has many other USES, which are deeply rooted in Chinese traditional culture. The Chinese paper umbrella originated in China and has been developed and popularized in several Asian countries over the years, but the Chinese paper umbrella is colorful, almost like gauze, and still has typical Chinese characteristics like chopsticks.

Although the foldable Chinese paper umbrella is thought to have existed at the beginning of the Christian era, the first historical reference to the Chinese paper umbrella comes from 21 AD, referring to a four-wheeled “chariot” of paper umbrellas by emperor wang mang (royal officials of the han dynasty usurped the throne in a short period — often referred to as the wang mang transitional period — creating the short-lived xin dynasty.

Although it only consists of five parts, the production of Chinese paper umbrella involves 80 working processes to complete the finished product. In this sense, the craft of Chinese paper umbrella can be compared with Japanese lacquer art.

A typical Chinese umbrella is made of two materials: silk or paper. Silk umbrellas are the most expensive and considered to be the most delicate, but also the most difficult to fashion and maintain. Paper umbrellas are easier to make, can be treated with oil to make them impermeable, or waterproof, and they are perfect for art deco. Most paper umbrellas produced today are made from sticky tung oil (also known as Chinese wood oil, derived from the euphorbiaceae tung tree found throughout central Asia). The main producing areas of China’s impermeable paper umbrellas are fujian and hunan.

The decorations range from solid colors to flower-and-bird paintings, flower-and-bird paintings, landscapes, and calligraphy. As one of the highlights of Chinese paper umbrella, a lot of work has been devoted to the art decoration of paper umbrella. In addition to waterproof, paper curtain still needs to withstand the destruction of wind and rain, like its decoration can resist the fading over time.