Epidemic Situation Report in Guilin & Guangxi

Epidemic Situation Report in Guilin & Guangxi

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By China Expedition Tours, Source from Guangxi Health Commission

Released time: Feb 14, 2020

During the period from 0:00 to 24:00 on February 13, 4 new confirmed cases of pneumonia were found in Guangxi, including 3 in Nanning and 1 in Beihai.

At present, 226 confirmed cases and 35 discharged cases have been reported. There are 11 severe cases, 5 critical cases. The second death case in Guangxi occurred in Beihai.

In total, 47 cases were confirmed in Nanning, 22 in Liuzhou, 31 in Guilin, 5 in Wuzhou, 40 in Beihai, 17 in Fangchenggang, 8 in Qinzhou, 8 in Guigang , 9 in Yulin, 3 in Baise, 4 in Hezhou, 21 in Hechi and 11 in Laibin.

At present, 13811 close contacts have been traced and 3237 cases are still under medical observation.

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