The first performance of “Sitting in Sanjiang” banquet

The first performance of “Sitting in Sanjiang” banquet

On November 1, “sitting in Sanjiang” of China’s YUEYE Dong Nationality Village invited friends from all over the world to share the highest hospitality of the Dong Nationality – hundred banquets, which opened the prelude for the meeting of million tourism complex project in Sanjiang County with tourists.

“Sitting in Sanjiang” banquet is a major project of Guangxi, one of the characteristics of Sanjiang County complex tourism project, which is the Dong culture boutique created by Zhida company of Sanjiang County. Taking the catering with Dong characteristics as the carrier, it integrates the catering culture, clothing culture, architectural skills, farming culture, instrumental music culture, folk characteristics, etc. of Dong nationality, which is an immersion tourism cultural experience project that deeply excavates the culture of Dong Nationality.

“Hundred Banquets” is the highest courtesy of the Dong Nationality to treat guests. It is a way of collective exchange between in the Dong people with the theme of unity, friendship, harmony and interaction. It carries the historical and cultural precipitation of the migration of the Dong people for thousands of years. In order to inherit the culture of “hundred banquets” of Dong nationality, build a national famous brand of ” hundred banquets of Sanjiang”, it plan and design around “eating hundreds of meals, connecting hundreds of hearts, accepting hundreds of family blessings and hundreds of things”. Through watching, listening, participating and experiencing, visitors can deeply feel the attitude and spirit of Dong family’s warm hearted and making friends.

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