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Six Harmonies Pagoda

Located on the north bank of the Qiantang River, the Six Harmonies Pagoda was built in 970 A. D. in a way to press down the evil of the river tidal bore. The eight-sided seven-storeyed pagoda has thirteen upturned eaves, which get progressively narrower toward the top. A spiraling staircase leads to the top of the Pagoda, where visitors can get a nice bird-view of the Qaintang River and the bridge on it. The ceiling of each storey carved and painted with flowers, birds and animals which looks elegant and delicate.

 Six Harmonies PagodaSix Harmonies Pagoda

Tourists are particularly lucky to visit the Pagoda on any of the three days after the Mid-Autumn Festival (the 15th day of the 8th lunar month), they will have the opportunity to view the spectacular Qiantang River Bore, when its water surges with a deafening roar.