Chinese Fortune Telling, Containing Ancient Wisdom

Chinese Fortune Telling, Containing Ancient Wisdom

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There are many types of fortune-telling in China, each of which has similarities and differences with western fortune-telling. This is an introduction to Chinese fortune-telling, if you want to do it in China, either because you are looking for some guidance in life or for entertainment.

Many fortune tellers use purely ancient methods, which are said to contain ancient wisdom (though none of their predictions have been scientifically proven). Others will reason about your methods based on your reactions, appearance, etc., with astonishing accuracy.

Anyway, prices are usually lower than in western countries.

For some, one of the benefits of fortune-telling is its entertainment value, like the thrill of live magic, or the experience of real-life Sherlock Holmes trying to read a person (you) at first glance.

If the prophet is good, you are likely to hear some homely sayings (inferred by an insightful person). Visiting a fortune teller can be just as valuable as visiting a psychologist, doctor, or religious counselor.

Type of Fortune Telling

Facial Fortune Telling

Use your facial features for fortune-telling, or “mianxiang,” using specific facial features related to your personality. We have listed some of the most common associations that are the same as in the west, where this method is called physiognomy.


Shiguuxiang, or using a person’s palm to predict a person’s fate, analyzes the positioning lines of the palm for love, character, and other characteristics of your future.

Chinese palmistry is technically very similar to western palmistry in that it USES seven major lines in the palm of the hand to gather the most important information about the future.


Another method, called bazi, USES your birth data to tell you about your future. This method is based on the relationship between the four pillars of destiny (year of birth, month of birth, date of birth and time of birth) and the five elements (wood, fire, earth, gold and water). In short,B zi USES your birth data to match the metaphysical knowledge of a matrix.

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