Kunming Travel Tips

Climate and Weather

Belonging to a low-latitude monsoon climate, Kunming enjoys a mild climate with intense sunlight during the daytime and a slight chill at night. Reputed as the ‘Spring City’, Kunming doesn’t have bitter winter or hot summer, while the January is the coldest month with only 46.4℉and the July is the hottest season with an average temperature of 64.4℉.

The best time to visit Kunming is from March to November. During this time, you will enjoy not only the amazing natural sceneries, but also the attractive minority cultures and customs. The Kunming International Tourist Festival is held every April 10th to May 10th. You can appreciate various performances and activities in the downtown and scenic spots. Additionally, many minority festivals are also attractive, such as the Knife-pole Festival of Lisu in March, the Water Splashing Festival of Dai in April and the Torch Festival of Yi in July, etc.

Local Festivals and Folk Custom

March 3rd
The day of March 3rd in the spring is the day for the Kunming people to go out for appreciating the spring flowers and out-door activities such as climbing the green hills and enjoying the spring. The parks and some tourist area will be very lively, such as the west hill and golden temple.

Temple Fair at Golden Temple
A temple fair is held on every January 9th of the lunar calendar at Golden Temple. Various local foods and specialties will be served in the fair. Moreover, you can enjoy the beautiful flowers and local performances as well.

Other Odds and Ends

Phone Dialing Code: 0871

Postcode: 650000

Emergency Call
Fire: 119
Police: 110
Traffic alarm: 122
Local telephone inquiry station: 114
Emergency center: 120

Weather Forecast: 12121 / 98121

Tourism information inquiry: 3159894 / 3159994

Air Ticket office telephones: 0871-3138562 / 3164270

Passenger transport information desk of Railway Station: 0871-3511534 / 3511309 / 3542321

Taxis Complaint hotlines: 0871-3312533 / 3139013

Public buses service quality supervision telephone: 0871-5326597

Information desk of Long-distance buses station:
0871-3514602 / 3510630

Kunming University
Address: No.226, Renminxi Road, Kunming

Yunnan University
Address: No.2, Cuihubei Road, Kunming

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