Hong Kong Disneyland

Disneyland was built in 1955 by Walt Disney who wanted to create a place for the young to have fun together. Nowadays, Disneyland theme parks can be found all over the world. It is in these places that the enchanting fairy tales and timeless places literally come to life right before our eyes. You will feel that you are in a wonderland upon your entering Hong Kong Disneyland. Attracted by the unique scenic spots and Disney Theme Hotels, meet with Mickey Mouse and other Disney friends, you will be filled with joy. It is the place where you can escape from the real world, and make your dreams come true. Hong Kong Disneyland will certainly create a fantastic and magical journey for you. In the Disneyland, you can also have the chance to taste the delicious Chinese and Asian food.

Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong Guide, Hong Kong TravelHong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong Guide, Hong Kong Travel

The first theme park you might come across is 'Main Street, U.S.A.'. As soon as you enter it, you will certainly be impressed and amazed by the delicate buildings, dim gas lamp and Paddy Wagon passing by. And the antique taxicabs, Disneyland Railroad and the City Hall will bring you back to America of the early 20th century. There are also Chinese flavors here. For example, Plaza Inn is the first Chinese restaurant in Main Street, which is completed with 19th Century Chinese table service. In the Inn, you can see the image of cartoon heroine Mulan everywhere, which makes you feel that Mulan is really at home now. If you feel like eating, you can enjoy yourself in the Market House Bakery and Main Street Corner Cafe. Having a look in The Curiosity Shop and Silhouette Shop, Emporium and Main Street Mercantile are surely good places for you to find timeless treasures.

Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong Guide, Hong Kong TravelHong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong Guide, Hong Kong Travel

If you want something adventurous, try the Adventureland. Boarding the Jungle River Cruise, led by a brave captain, you will go to the heart of mysterious hidden regions. Here you get the chances to see Hippos, cobras, elephants, orangutans and startling jungle. The concept for this attraction was originally conceived by Walt Disney fifty years ago. With its development of several decades of years, nowadays it has been given a brand new appearance with the magic of advancing and exciting 21st century Disney especially for Hong Kong Disneyland. The Festival of the Lion King, which is adapted from Disney's animated classic 'The Lion King', will attract your full attention and catch your eyeballs. It is. With colorful pageant of music and dance, the Festival is just like a classic music drama owe to its perfect performers, costumes and exotic scenery. It is a show that appeals all ages. Rafting on the Rivers of Adventure Traveling, you will get to the Tarzan Island. As you are exploring Tarzan Island and visiting Tarzan's Treehouse, the story that a child was raised by gorillas will cross your mind. After your exploration in Tarzan Island, you will hear the rhythm of jungle drums. Follow it, and you will find the secret of Liki Tikis, where the refreshing blasts of water will surprise the person in the circle even the hardiest explorer. Tahitian Terrace Restaurant and River View Cafe here are good choices if you are getting hungry. They will serve you a very comfortable dinner in the jungle. You can also buy a jungle leaf in Professor Porter's Trading Post as a souvernior.

Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong Guide, Hong Kong TravelHong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong Guide, Hong Kong Travel

You can’t miss the Fantasyland. It is the place where all the fairy tales in your storybooks come true, such as Cinderella Carrousel, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Sword in the Stone, Mad Hatter Tea Cups, Sleeping Beauty Castle, Dumbo the Flying Elephant and Snow White Grotto etc. In Mickey's PhilharMagic, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and many other friends will take you together to a dizzying 3-D attraction. When you are wearing the special glasses, you will feel that you are lying on the magic carpet with Aladdin and smelling the flavor of Donald Duck soup. Be careful and remember you are a part of the program or you might be sprinkled by the soup. You will find the most fantastic place in The Golden Mickeys at Disney's Storybook Theater. The shows in the theater are colorful, abundant and eye-catching. They are adapting all the Disney classics into a 25-minute musical drama, mixing acrobatics and special effects, which will keep your eyes glued in the shows. In the theater, you can also see Tarzan swings quickly on the rigging, just like the fan on the ceiling. When The Little Mermaid Ariel appears on the stage, you will feel that you are at sea since the whole theater is submerged by bubbles descending from the ceiling. There is also Chinese element as here we have Mulan practice martial arts and traditional flag dances show, showing the combination of eastern and western culture.

Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong Guide, Hong Kong TravelHong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong Guide, Hong Kong Travel

After you get perfect content and joy in the fairytale wonderland, you can go to Tomorrow Land. Taking the roller coaster, you will scream in Space Mountain, without time to appreciate the sparkling stars. Want something more thrilling? Then you can go to the Buzz Light Year Astro Blasters, flying in your space capsule and fighting against the aliens with your space gun. If you don’t like the breathtaking attractions, you can try the Orbitron, flying above Tomorrow Land and taking a rest. After your travel in the space, it is a nice choice for you to take a break and taste some 'earth' cuisine at Starliner Diner and Comet Cafe. What’s more, you can go space shopping in Space Traders and Star Command Suppliers. After a whole day of playing, you can enjoy the Grand Parade and Firework Play.

When the night screen hangs down, you can go to the Disney Theme Hotels, trying its unparalleled accommodation. Whether in the Victorian style Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel or in the Disney Hollywood Hotel, you will still be presented the magic of Disneyland.

Welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland, discovering the golden past and exploring the glorious future!

Opening Times:
9.30 or 10.00 until 19.00 or 21.00. Please check before you arrive or at the Entrance gate.

Tickets Selling Hours: From 09:00 until the park closes

Transportation: Located on Lantau Island, it is most easily accessible by the MTR (subway). Travel on the Tung Chung line to Sunny Bay Station, then onwards to Disneyland Resort Station - only 10 minutes from the International airport and 24 minutes from Hong Kong Station. 

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