Tips For Visiting Temples, Things You Shouldn’t Do

Tips For Visiting Temples, Things You Shouldn’t Do

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A Proper Address of a Monk

‘Shi’ or ‘Fashi’ is an honorable title of the Monks and Taoists, and ‘Zhaolao’, ‘Fangzhang’ or ‘Chanshi’ of the Governing Monk. ‘Heshang’ and ‘Chujiaren’ are regarded as the impolite way to address a Monk.

Good manners and behavior

If you meet a monk, do not hinder him or surpass him. When meeting the monk, fold your hands and bow your head. Attempts to shake hands, hug or touch the monk’s head are considered blasphemous.

Before you worship Buddha, you should purify your body. You’d better not eat garlic, Onions, fish, meat, wine, or chew betel nuts or smoke. The smell is disrespect to Buddha and bodhisattva.

  1. When entering a buddhist temple, the side door, especially the left door, is the most appropriate, not the middle door.

When you worship Buddha, you should worship yourself at your feet.

  1. When walking in the temple, do not touch or smear any religious objects, and keep silent and non-judgmental during religious ceremonies. At the same time, take care of your children and don’t be rude to the Buddha.

Proper attire

In a temple, clothes should be neat and simple. No matter how hot it is, don’t wear revealing clothes.

Boys should not wear shorts or vests. At least a half sleeve shirt.

Girls should not wear clothes or fabrics with shoulder straps. Miniskirts don’t fit either. Avoid sandals and other open-toed shoes.

Topics such as killing people, getting married and eating meat are banned.

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