Canton Tower – The Landmark of Guangzhou

Canton Tower – The Landmark of Guangzhou

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Canton Tower, also known as the Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower, is the iconic tower and landmark of Guangzhou. With the height of 600 meters, it is the tallest TV tower of China and the third tallest TV tower in the world. The Canton Tower (Guangzhou Tower) lies at the south bank of the Pearl River.From the top, visitors have a birds-eye view of the whole city. If there is only one place to go in Guangzhou, Canton Tower has to be at the top of the list. Canton Tower is also famous for its “Slim Waist” which is an architectural marvel.

At night, the stunning beauty of the light show on the tower must give you deep impression when you look at it from outside. If you are brave enough, the world’s longest spiral staircase will give you an opportunity to walk from the height of 168 meters to 334.4 meters, ride the world’s highest Ferris wheel and experience the world’s highest sky drop game which has been listed in Guinness World Records with the name of “Highest Thrill Ride”. If you want to dine on this high building, then you will head for the revolving restaurant which can revolve every 100 minutes so that customers from any direction could have a look at the outside.

History of Canton Tower

Like all modern building construction of today, the task of designing Guangzhou’s new TV tower was an international competition where interested architects submitted design proposals, and a team of judges decided on the best design among the proposal submitted. During the process of the construction, the engineer group handled the technical problem led by the design of such slim waist and finished an outstanding work. The tower finally gained good reputation for the ability of resisting 7.8-magnitude earthquakes and the useful life of over 100 years.

Main Attractions

Light show of Canton Tower

During night in a city, light can be the king. At night, the tower glows and emits light, shinning the night of Guangzhou. Every node in the lighting design is individually controllable so that animations and colour changes across the entire height of the tower. The light show is from 330,000 multi-color LEDs that ring the building. With the adoption of LED technology and as all fixtures are located on the structure itself, the lighting scheme consumes only 15% of the allowed maximum for façade lighting, which totally conforms to the concept of low-carbon society.

The World’s Highest Outdoor Observation Deck

From the deck, you could get a great 360 degree view of the whole city. The gross area of this deck is 177 square meters, in which the part of outdoors is 122 square meters and the part of indoors is 55 square meters.

The deck has a high level of safety although this deck is so tall.The deck is the best place to take photos of the whole Guangzhou, especially the Pearl River.

Canton Tower Bubble Tram

Bubble Tram is one of the most popular activities for visitors.  It spins around the top of the main body of the tower at 455 meters (1,492 feet). With its splendid panoramic city view, the Bubble Tram is regarded as a romantic place for making a marriage proposal. Unlike other Ferris wheels, it has a 15-degree incline and can resist 8-magnitude earthquakes and Beaufort scale 12 typhoons. The Ferris wheel has 16 transparent ‘crystal’ pods taking about 20 minutes to go round the elliptical track constructing around the edge of the tower’s roof. Every capsule can hold 4 to 6 passengers. Tourists could have the overall view of the whole city from any direction.There are some people who take beautiful wedding photos here.

Canton Tower Sky Drop

If you want a thrilling experience, it offers two styles: a traditional ‘Sitting Drop’ and a free-fall ‘Standing Drop’. You can have an opportunity to get rid of your stress, anxiety and boredom. Canton Tower Sky Drop, with the height of 455 meters, is the world’s highest sky drop game. In 2012, it is listed in the Guinness World Records with the name of “Highest Thrill Ride” and is the first and the only one who gets this fame. If you are thrill-seeker, you could try to play this game.

The Rotating Restaurants in the Tower

TWIST Mediterranean Buffet Revolving Restaurant, located in the 106th floor, is the highest revolving restaurant in Guangzhou. Twist creates an elegant and comfortable dining environment and is an excellent choice for your family or friends to enjoy Mediterranean flavors and specialties.

There are many choices of buffet restaurants in every corner of the city, but the Twist Mediterranean Revolving restaurant provide you with not only the delectable cuisine, but also the beauty of the city. Here, you can enjoy the fresh prepared ingredients, delicious western and Chinese dishes, authentic Mediterranean cuisine, and great selection of seafood, Salads, and desserts. With the 360 degree sky views of the city will make for a memorable experience.

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