Family Travel in Chengdu: Enjoy the Family Time in the Land of Abundance

Family Travel in Chengdu: Enjoy the Family Time in the Land of Abundance

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We often say that the company is the longest love confession, before can not understand this sentence, since the child, always want to have more time to accompany the child, because the child grew up day by day, afraid of missing the child’s childhood. In the summer, I came to Chengdu alone. Since I came to Chengdu, I have been longing for Chengdu’s delicious food and delicious scenery. This time, I decided to travel to Chengdu with my wife and children. Chengdu is a place where people come and want to come again. This time I came again.

When I was in the summer to once the Chengdu giant panda breeding base, once again, this time to Chengdu, the first day is arranged with the baby come here to see the giant panda, the first time so close to the giant panda, baby see the joy and surprise to the giant panda is probably his understanding of the giant panda latest, generally see panda on TV or books, the baby to see the pandas, he is very happy.

Every time on TV or in a book to see the pandas are felt so lovely, then a heart not forget for a moment thinking about close to Chengdu to see pandas, this time really took the baby and love to see the giant panda, the Chengdu research base of giant panda breeding, here had became the Chengdu the clock in one of the most popular web celebrity, whether adults or children, or the foreigner’s passion for the giant panda is love, suggest that early in the morning to go to is really too much, or else people then online ticket in advance, when the door directly brush card is ok. Just the baby saves money by not having to pay for tickets. Ha ha.

The Chengdu panda base is full of green plants and flowers in winter, but the weather is colder. Into the campus, found that parents with children see the giant panda’s more, the children are in front of the statue of the giant panda, not only here is like by the adults, but also the children of like ah, a family with children see the giant panda’s most, in the park you can see all kinds of lovely and cute panda statue, children deeply attracted by these lovely panda statue. There are several peacocks walking around in front of the panda statue. They are not afraid of people at all. We continue to follow the signs and finally came to the outdoor activities of adult pandas, some pandas are sleeping, some are eating bamboo leaves, national treasure, eat good sleep, sleep up to eat, this is a fat rhythm ah, some cute pandas hanging in the tree to sleep. The environment in the park is very good, you can see bamboo everywhere, but some of the leaves turn golden in winter, the air is fresh and wet. See a giant panda sitting up, this time really lucky to shoot, last time there are many only in the sleep. The baby was so happy.

Winter ginkgo leaves have become golden leaves, fell on the ground, on the lawn, there are panda activities nearby, but when people came indoors to sleep did not come out.

Then we came to the panda store, he saw the good-looking panda doll and picked up, like the panda doll. We went all the way up, while walking to see the scenery, and then to every place where the panda activities, the baby ran very fast, always full of a variety of curiosity, perhaps this is also a good time to take the baby out while walking to teach ah, while see don’t understand will ask me ask my lover, what is this, what is that? About to go out of the park when we came to the black swan lake, I saw many black swans in the side of the lake to swim quickly, as to find food. As soon as the black swan saw us coming to the shore, they all swam over. Usually, they would feed more people and come over when they saw people. It’s a pity we didn’t bring bread.

One little duck came to the lake, baby duck squatted down to say hello, this is close to communicate with animals, children most like the animals, animals where children can have fun, take the baby to Chengdu first stand here appears to be the choice by the way, let the baby first saw a small animal, panda happy even walk is run. The best thing about taking your baby on a trip is having fun. Happy baby is the most important, so that the baby love travel.

The golden ginkgo tree of Sichuan university is like a beautiful oil painting.

In early winter, golden ginkgo trees can be seen everywhere in the streets of Chengdu. There are many places in Chengdu to enjoy the most beautiful place of ginkgo leaves, Sichuan university is one of them. There were relatively few people in the campus to take photos. We arrived at Sichuan university early in the morning. Sure enough, when we approached the campus of Sichuan university, we could see several ginkgo trees with golden leaves not far away. There are also some tourists taking photos under the trees.

The ground has fallen a lot of leaves, we took to go to find a square in the ginkgo tree is the most beautiful place in the whole campus. The baby is very happy to see so many golden ginkgo leaves, quickly ran to the ginkgo tree grabbed a ginkgo tree to throw the sky, the falling ginkgo leaves like butterflies dancing. The baby saw such a beautiful ginkgo tree directly sitting on the lawn, but also picked up the ground leaves thrown.

The streets of Sichuan university are covered with golden ginkgo trees. A breeze gently blowing, some of the leaves as if to want to dance with the wind, then flying down, like a golden butterfly. Other leaves did not seem to be getting enough sun, only swaying slightly on the branches. Chengdu is beautiful in early winter, with not only spicy and delicious hot pot, but also unforgettable scenery.

The ginkgo trees in the campus have become golden yellow, the students studying here are happy, there is a beautiful campus, the four seasons, flowers bloom and fall, in every corner of the campus is so beautiful.

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