Chengdu: This Is the Life I Want

Chengdu: This Is the Life I Want

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Chengdu has always been a city that touches people’s hearts.

Out of the house, whenever the night when walking in the street, my thoughts will fly, but always miss chengdu from time to time. It seems to go to many places, are not back to chengdu, sitting on an ancient bench, eating a bowl of steaming hot noodles, a moment, time solidified in the streets of chengdu, solidified in the steaming hot above.

Those who have been to chengdu or have never been to chengdu; Grown in chengdu, or rushed through chengdu; Hard to deny, chengdu this land, has his unique temperament.

In a hurry, there will be a way home, my way home, destined to be in chengdu.

DAY 1: exploring the ancient capital, chengdu engraved with time

If a thousand years of flowing water in chengdu, the flow of the romantic charm of the literati, the melancholy of the coquettish scholar, the wars in The Three Kingdoms of shu, the homesickness of the wanderer. Chengdu, also like a thousand years of the ancient edge, linked to the ancient and modern thoughts of how many people, just to stop to look at her beautiful smile.

The first day in chengdu, it is better to experience chengdu’s past, from here into chengdu, close to chengdu.

Mottled time, the original | yuan Yang house in old chengdu

The yuyang house in hongwa temple is one of the most fashionable and ancient places in chengdu.

This is the old residential area, looking very shabby, but also very beautiful and real.

DAY 2: dream back to chengdu, the tantalizing night of jinli

The wooden doors are quiet, the lattice Windows are quiet, the tiled houses and carved eaves are quiet. The water is here, the light is here, the moon is here.

The quiet life into the luggage, a person standing alone in front of the jinli, looking around the sky and the side of the green, a long lane from the ancient call, covered tea blowing out of the thick classical charm, colorful drapery in the wind around sway.

Go in, with a suit of ancient jinli, back to the Ming dynasty a period of time, or The Three Kingdoms an inn, coming and going face, eyes through the clouds of the past.

The wall of time, the road of time, dusty alley, ancient shop, moored in chengdu slow light and shadow, winding courtyard, street, water bank, lake, lotus pond, still in a sigh. Here, the fragrance of flowers qin run state of mind, stop, rest, sunshine always follow in the side.

The path twists and turns, the bluestone brick all the way forward, the red lacquer wood door slatted door, exposed a piece of sichuan opera flower face, a clear and refreshing singing, stretched out the long time in jinli.

DAY 3: eastern suburb memory, the intersection of nostalgia and fashion

To give you a reason to come to chengdu,

Endless delicacies, hot pot, string, cold touch, pot chicken…

Endless beautiful scenery, jinli, wide and narrow alley, nine-eyed bridge, wuhou temple…

There is also a place called eastern suburb memory.

Walking in the park, street graffiti can be seen everywhere, and various painting styles are sprinkled on the walls in a way that young people like. Through the rich picture creation, it conveys the once brilliant industrial civilization of the eastern district of chengdu, the life, work, spiritual strength and thoughts of that generation. But also to the world to see its new life and future.

This is the real chengdu, a magical place combining modern and classica

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