Travel to Hulunbuir on My Own, A Quiet and Peaceful Journey

Travel to Hulunbuir on My Own, A Quiet and Peaceful Journey

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A trip to Hulunbuir is not easy. There are no direct flights from Shanghai to hailar airport, and the fastest flight stops at Hohhot, which takes seven hours to arrive. In order to save a day of vacation, I chose the more masochistic red-eye flight, flying to Harbin in the early morning, staying overnight at the airport, and then flying to Hailar at 6 am.

The grassland in June is full of fresh green. Take a deep breath and smell of fresh grass and trees.

On the grassland, there is no such thing as a rigid fixed spot, as long as you like, stop the car at any time, you say it is the most beautiful spot, it is. Even if it is the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, there is no hate forever scattered tourist army in the camera, only free galloping steed, become the picture in the ornament.

Not far away, there were several horses galloping merrily in the grassland, their long tails and manes flying high in the running. After a while, they stopped to eat the draft with grace, and then they looked docile enough.

A gust of wind blowing, grass dancing in the wind, one after another. Standing on the vast prairie, I feel as if I were also a grass, covered with a beautiful green dance skirt, dancing in the wind.

Although the grassland is a thousand li, but not vast. The mountains lure us forward, thinking we have enjoyed the most beautiful scenery every time, but then we spiral up the hillside and pass the next mountain before we find that the mountains before us are more amazing than the mountains before us.

The mozigrad river is not very wide, if not in flood season, it is only five or six metres wide at its widest point. Because it is by the gathering of springs, and through the region is uninhabited mountains, grasslands, so the river is very clean, is not through the pollution of water, crystal and holy. Hulun buir summer wind, it is beautiful, it blows green things, blowing wild flowers, the deep grass from the breeze, graceful, full of charm. It is also gentle, it swam across the deep lake, set off a burst of microwave, in the sunlight shining silver light, blue water against the blue sky, blue sky against the blue water, the sky with the water with the picture, just like in the sky mirror swimming, free, unrestrained…

When I look at the gurgling water of the mozhigrad river, I feel calm and gentle, which is totally different from facing the sea and rivers and lakes.

Our luck is very good, the first day to Hulunbuir, is a perfect weather ~ blue day, blue to no time, blue to high, so can not help but do again climb the roof of the girl ha ha ~ like six brother car printed this sentence: on the road, to the north. Very appropriate ~

The pressure in the city is released in the grassland without trace, the haze in the city is also swept away, I and six elder brother sigh, the time in the grassland seems to be very slow, all the beautiful are stretched, magnified, here is broad, natural bred a melodious.

Grassland is like a huge painting spread out in the world, so pure green, green so far, it is beyond words to describe. Look around, full of green eyes, no block. When I stay in the grassland, I will find myself so small, even if I run in the grassland, the speed is so slow.

On the grass, close to the sheep, as if we have become children, do not want to pass too fast, can always have no scruples in here good crazy.

I thought a morning across the prairie would be enough. Instead, we walked around and around until it was 3 p.m. Until brother six took us out of the prairie to eat, just feel good hungry good hungry good hungry! I’m really hungry!

Today, six elder brothers take us to eat is the local characteristics of the hand meat, hand meat is the Mongolian nation over thousands of years the most favorite and the most commonly used traditional food, usually do hand meat mutton are grazing on the pasture, often eat wild leek, wild onion sheep, their meat taste is the most delicious. After doing it well, during the dinner, we each hold a Mongolian knife a big chunk to cut to eat or tear to eat with the hand, so called “handle meat”, too cool!

Then the sixth brother took us to erguna’s tieshan cold drink ice cream, this is erguna’s web celebrity ice cream shop, handmade, locals know, known as grassland hagendas.

There are cones and paper cups to choose from, we bought the cone, the locals love to call it egg roll, the classic original milk flavor is very pure very strong.

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