The Song of Everlasting Sorrow, the Famous Long Narrative Poem

Song of everlasting sorrow is a long narrative poem written by bai juyi, a poet in the tang dynasty. The poem vividly narrates the love tragedy between xuanzong and Yang guifei. With the help of historical figures and legends, the poet created a moving story with twists and turns, and through the artistic images he created, he reproduced the reality of real life and infected readers for thousands of years. The theme of the poem is “eternal hatred”. The poem had a profound influence on many literary works of later generations.

In this long narrative poem, the author narrates the love tragedy of xuanzong and Yang guifei in the anshi rebellion with concise language, graceful image, narration and lyric combination. Tang xuanzong and Yang guifei were all figures in history. The poet did not stick to history, but by a little shadow of history, according to the legend of the people at that time, the singing of the neighborhood degenerated into a twists and turns, which was very touching. As the stories and characters in the poem are artistic, they represent the complex and true human beings in reality, so they can ripple in the hearts of readers throughout the ages.

The beauty of huaqing pool impresses visitors during the day. In the evening, a large live-action historical drama called “song of everlasting sorrow” was staged here to feast the eyes of tourists. The drama tells a touching love story between xuanzong (618-907) and his favorite concubine Yang yuhuan. Their love story happened in huaqing pond more than a thousand years ago.

The song of everlasting sorrow is set in lishan mountain, jiulong lake, pavilions, palaces, willows and lake water. Advanced sound and light technology and specially designed stage successfully realized the integration of history and reality, nature and culture, earth and wonderland, making the performance more magnificent and true.

Song of everlasting regret is a long narrative poem created by bai juyi (772-846), a famous realistic poet in the tang dynasty. Now, the captivating poem has been adapted into a one-scene, 10-scene historical drama that tells a love story divided into four parts: falling in love, inseparable couples, leaving lovers, and a reunion in wonderland.

Shanghai World Financial Center, the Second Tallest Skyscraper in Shanghai

Shanghai world financial center (SWFC) is located in the center of lujiazui, pudong new area, adjacent to Shanghai tower and jin MAO tower. It is currently the second tallest skyscraper in Shanghai. In appearance, the structure resembles a bottle opener, hence its nickname.

With the goal of attracting global finance, the Shanghai world financial center has a first-class financial center function that can showcase financial talents, cultural and art exhibitions and information from all over the world. It’s more of a hot spot for tourists, with viewing platforms and the park hyatt.

It provides a perfect and extensive view along the huangpu river in Shanghai. The 750 square meter (about 897 square yards) sightseeing hall is also suitable for exhibitions. There are cafes, bars and souvenir shops.

The guardrail at the 97F window provides a place to take photos. The open skylight ceiling is unique in design. Fine, if the weather is fine

This is a corridor 55 meters (60 yards) long. When you walk on the floor made of transparent glass, you can see the top of the Oriental pearl tower just ahead, just like you walk on the roof of jinmao tower. Traffic, pedestrians and even the whole city seemed far away below.

The park hyatt has a great view of the city. The lobby of the hotel is on the 87th floor, with a cocktail bar. Overlooking the city from the 91-story restaurant at 100 century avenue, it attracts all the senses, with a perfect view of the nearby jin MAO tower, the Oriental pearl tower, pudong, and many of Shanghai’s iconic buildings.

Jin Mao Tower, the Third Tallest Skyscraper in Shanghai

Located in the lujiazui financial and trade zone center of pudong new area, Jin Mao tower is the third tallest building in Shanghai after Shanghai tower and Shanghai world financial center. From puxi (west of the hung-pu river) by tunnel (about 2 minutes by car) or from hongqiao, pudong international airport (about 30 minutes by car).

The 88-story Jin Mao tower was completed in 1999. It stands 420.5 meters (about 1,380 feet) tall and covers 2.3 hectares (5.68 acres). The skyscraper’s architect, Adrian d. Smith, skillfully combined elements of traditional Chinese culture with the latest architectural styles of the time, making it one of the best built buildings in China.

The building includes modern offices, a luxury five-star hotel, the grand hyatt Shanghai, exhibition halls, banquet halls, observation decks and entertainment facilities on the following floors: the first and second floors form a spectacular and bright business lobby; Office rooms from 3 to 50 floors; The 51st and 52nd floors are mechanical and electrical facilities centers with limited staff; Floors 53 to 87 are reserved for the grand hyatt hotel, floor 86 is the exclusive club for hotel guests, floor 87 is the hotel restaurant; The 88th floor, the tallest, is the observation deck of the tower, which can hold 1,000 people at a time.

This tower has the best elevator. The two direct lifts travel at 9.1 meters (nearly 30 feet) per second, from the ground floor to the 88th floor in just 45 seconds. There are five or six elevators on every 10 floors, reducing waiting times to 35 seconds even during rush hours.

The tower has a six-story annex containing exhibition halls, meeting rooms, a multipurpose hall, a grand ballroom and an entertainment center.

The tower’s basement is a three-story car park that can hold 800 cars and 2,000 bicycles. The parking lot is equipped with 360-degree surveillance cameras as a security feature of the building.

China Built the World’s Deepest High Speed Railway Station under the Great Wall

China opened the world’s deepest high-speed rail station, the badaling Great Wall railway station, on Dec. 30, adopting a new Chinese train schedule. With an elevation of 102 meters (335 feet) below the surface, badaling Great Wall station has a total construction area of 49,000 square meters (527,432 sq. Ft), a ground station of 9,000 square meters (96875 sq. Ft) and an underground station of 40,500 sq. Ft (435,938 sq. Ft), making it the world’s largest high-speed rail station underground.

The station is just 200 meters (656 feet) from the Badaling Great Wall, the most famous in China. Travelers can walk to the Great Wall Ropeway station in about two minutes. From downtown Beijing, Qinghe railway station is only 20 minutes away, and Beijing north railway station is only 30 minutes away. The high-speed train is the fastest and best way to visit the Badaling Great Wall.
The world’s deepest high-speed railway station also has a breathtaking 84-meter (276-foot) escalator that gives passengers the feeling of crossing the earth. It is about 42 meters (138 feet) high, the height of a 14-story building. Starting from January 1, 2020, 5 pairs of trains will depart from Beijing north railway station at 6:40, 2 pairs from Beijing Qinghe railway station at 7:25, and the Great Wall at Badaling. It’s about 35 minutes north of Beijing and only 19 minutes from Qinghe. First class fares are 46 yuan and 44 yuan, while second class fares are 29 yuan and 27 yuan.

Chengdu: This Is the Life I Want

chengdu food

Chengdu has always been a city that touches people’s hearts.

Out of the house, whenever the night when walking in the street, my thoughts will fly, but always miss chengdu from time to time. It seems to go to many places, are not back to chengdu, sitting on an ancient bench, eating a bowl of steaming hot noodles, a moment, time solidified in the streets of chengdu, solidified in the steaming hot above. Read More