Mount Hua – Most Adventurous Hiking Mountain

Mount Hua – Most Adventurous Hiking Mountain

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Huashan is in Huayin, in Shaanxi province. Famed for its steepness, it is also a sacred Taoist site. From ancient times, those who have wished to become immortal have come to Huashan to worship. Many Taoist temples were built on Huashan, despite the extreme difficulty of building at altitude, with construction materials being carried uphill from the ground. These constructions make Huashan’s scenery on Mountain Hua both spectacular and charming.

Mount Huashan or Huashan  is one of the famous “Five Mountains” in China, and more importantly, it is the original place of Chinese Civilization. The “Hua” in the Chinese words of “Zhong Hua” and “Hua Xia” just came from the Hua Shan . Reputed as a holy mountain of Chinese nation, Huashan Mountain is also praised as the “Root of Huaxia ”.

Moreover, Mount Huashan is regarded as the “No. 1 perilous mountain in China”, so a lot of riskers and mountaineers have been visiting this famous site to experience its heart-stopping dangerous plank paths on the cliffs. However, along the way to and on the 5 peaks in Mount Huashan tourist area, you could appreciate breath-taking sunrise, sunset, sea of clouds, powerful mountain scenery, a series of interesting places to invigorate your go. Besides, Mount Huashan has tens of ancient Taoist temples and many worth-hearing stories and legends. Therefore, you could have a better knowledge about Taoism in China and other Chinese culture and history.

The mountain has five peaks (east, west, south, north and middle). The highest elevation is 2,155 meters above sea level. Much of the mountain is steep, featuring narrow paths to test hikers’ courage, some even so steep that you’ll feel like you’re rock climbing more than hiking. Inevitably, sunrise is a popular attraction, and many tourists choose to stay the night on Huashan.

Main Attractions in Mount Huashan

North Peak

The North Peak is one of the main peaks of mount Hua. To reach the other four peaks, you must first cross the north peak. It is a difficult place to conquer because of its steep terrain, with only one mountain road to the south. And the famous true story around mount Hua takes place on the north peak there. When you visit, you will find a platform at the top of the mountain overlooking the three peaks and black dragon ridge to the south of mount Hua. Plus, if you’re a little tired, it’s great to take a break halfway up Yuntai mountain, with its lush plantations and fresh air.

There are quite a lot of attractions to see on the North Peak, such as the Zhenwu Palace, Jiaogong Stone Chamber, Yunv Window, Yiyun Pavilion, Place of Laojun Hanging the Plough, and so on.

West Peak

The West Peak on the west part is 2082.6 meters high. It is also called Lianhua Peak.

The west and north sides are so rugged and straight, which also represents the mountain topography of huashan. When you climb to the top of the mountain, you can see the hills around you from a distance, the clouds and rays of the sun fluttering gently, just like in a fairy land, all the unhappiness and pressure in your mind disappear. If the time is right, you’ll be lucky enough to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets in the best place. At the same time, you can find a series of interesting places there.

There are Huashan Plank Walk, which is the most dangerous and thrilling way in all the dangerous ways in Mount Huashan. This over 700 year old plank trail was constructed at the South Peak by He Zhizhen who cultivated himself to be an immortal at Mount Huashan and put up wood together with stone pins knocked in the vertical cliff. The trail is only more than 30 centimeters with no handrail but only iron chains on the cliff for you to seize. Passing this cool path, you should face cliff, and if you look down, there is no place could be seen even hundreds of meters deep. From ancient time to nowadays, continuous groups of people including scholars and celebrities have been visiting this Huashan trail to experience its danger and test their braveness.

South Peak

With a height of 2,154.9 meters, South Peak is the highest peak among the five main peaks of mount Hua. Ancient Chinese called it the “Head of Mount Huashan”. The South Peak is also named Luoyan Peak , meaning landing wild geese, which is because the wild geese returning to the southern China would fly down at this peak to have a break according to the legend.  The rolling mountains, the meandering Yellow River, the Wei river, the plains, the valleys and so on, all these beautiful sights are in your eyes. At this moment, you can realize how interesting and incredible it is to stand on the edge of the sky and step on the clouds.

East Peak

Located in the east part of Mount Huashan, the East Peak is about 2096.2 meters high and is called Chaoyang Peak. which means facing the east. There is a platform at the top of the tower, which is high and dangerous. In this famous place, you can have a wonderful view of the sunrise. On the east peak, the tall trees are full of life and prosperity. Walking or hiking there is really comfortable, inspiring trees like giant umbrellas over your head, lyrical sounds of the creek, such a peaceful atmosphere along the way. You can enjoy a truly wonderful and relaxing time at east peak.

The Hiking of Mount Hua

Hiking in Mount Hua is the main attraction because the mountain has “the most dangerous hiking trail in the world.” There are simple but extremely narrow wooden platforms, cold chains and iron handrails, steep cliffs. All the cool and exciting elements are attracting people’s curiosity and impulse to test their courage to change from the past. And those who make it to the top and climb all the way up become more confident and brave, and that’s a winner.

Besides, once you reach the top of the mountain, you will get spectacular scenery, such as amazing sunrises, charming sunsets, sea of clouds like a wonderland, and panoramic views of all the mountains in Mount Hua according to your time to get there. All your fears, fatigue, and efforts will be rewarded with nature’s best gift. The most fortunate is to press the shutter, record the most beautiful scenery, leaving the most memorable moment in life.

Tips For Mount Hua


Mount Hua belongs to the warm temperature continental monsoon climate zone. For its steep mountains, the temperature changes sharply from the bottom to the peak area. As the temperature at the summit is about 10℃ lower than that at the mountain foot, cold protective clothing is highly recommended in all seasons, sweaters, hat, and scarf especially in winter.


During 05:00~06:00 in spring; during 04:30~05:20 in summer; during 05:00~05:20 in autumn; during 06:30~07:30 in winter.

Mount Hua Temple Fair

Mount Hua Temple Fair is held in the third month of the lunar calendar. If you visit mount hua on this day, you can enjoy a very grand temple fair and many interesting and joyful activities. It is a good time to get close to the local culture and the joy of many people.

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